Sciuga Custom Builders

Sciuga Custom Builders is not just a homebuilder — we are three generations of artisans working together to create the finest in custom homes today.

While new construction is our top priority, we will do some renovation and addition projects. All of our clients have the opportunity to work with Sal Sciuga, Jr., Sciuga Custom Builders' President, to customize their home, using an existing Sciuga plan or one of their own. Sciuga Custom Builders is here to accommodate your needs above all else.

Sciuga Custom Builders employs a staff of professionals to make sure your new home or renovation becomes the reality you have been dreaming about for years.

Working with our administrative staff, customer selections coordinator and field supervisor, provides our clients with total freedom in choosing every aspect of their future home. From colors, trim and room design, to the overall style, no feature is off limits. We, at Sciuga Custom Builders, encourage our clients to provide input at every stage of construction to insure their complete satisfaction.

Our mission at Sciuga Custom Builders goes beyond building homes. We have a firm commitment to building communities by lending our support to many local school projects, athletic programs, law enforcement, fire departments and municipalities — all geared towards making these communities that our clients call home, the best places to live. We are also actively involved in industry organizations such as the Home Builders and Remodelers of CNY.

Sciuga Custom Builders is the homebuilder that goes above and beyond the call to ensure that not only is your new home of the highest quality and exquisite beauty; but the community where you reside provides the right environment for you and your family.

We work very hard under a philosophy of quality, service and value — the most important aspects of our business, and it shows in everything we accomplish. We will be with you from start to finish and beyond; therefore, we hope that when it comes time for you to build your new home, you consider us as your builder. Sciuga Custom Builders promises that it will be one of the smartest, most rewarding decisions you will ever make.